Create $25+/hour jobs. Clean up America's cities.

Just imagine if the Democrats could create an unlimited number of $25+/hour jobs

And what if these roles also revitalized America's cities? Imagine bystanders, their curiosity piqued, asking the question in wonder, "Who is behind this incredible transformation?" And the answer will ring out, loud and crystal clear: "It's the incredible work of the Democrats!"

By empowering individuals with good-paying jobs and revitalizing our cities, we are strengthening the fabric of our country and paving the way for a brighter tomorrow.

By Mike Reid | May 2024

We are reaching out to you, seeking your support in an initiative aimed at revitalizing our urban areas, starting in Washington DC; then quickly spreading to Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Georgia, Michigan, Wisconsin, Arizona, Nevada; and ultimately to every single city and town across our great nation.

Through your generous financial support, we can create exciting opportunities for employment while also working towards the beautification and enhancement of our streets and public spaces.

Your contribution will directly fund jobs that pay a minimum of $25 an hour. These jobs will not only inject financial stability into the lives of the workers but will also enable us to begin the process of beautifying our urban areas, cleaning up our streets, and creating a healthier environment for all.

The result: happier, safer, and more prosperous cities.

Moreover, we aim to foster an atmosphere of joy and unity in our cities. Your donation will also fund parties that will bring communities together, encouraging dialogue, interaction, and camaraderie among citizens. These events will serve as a testament to our shared Democratic values of community.

Every time a street is cleaned, every time a job is created, every time a community comes together to celebrate, we can proudly say, "You can thank the Democrats!"

Therefore, this is not just an investment in our cities or in our workers; it is an investment in the Democratic legacy of caring for our communities and working for a better future for all.

The size of your contribution is up to you, but remember this: each dollar you contribute equates to a real, substantial impact on our cities and our citizens.

Consider the fact that a donation of $1,000, $25,000 or even $500,000 will create job opportunities that pay $25+ an hour.

And it's not just about jobs. Your donation will also be responsible for cleaning up our cities. Each piece of trash, each shard of broken glass that's picked up, makes our cities a little safer, a little cleaner. Picture your city’s parks and streets – how much cleaner could they be because of your contribution?

The choice is yours. You have the power to create the change you want to see. And remember, every contribution you make is a testament to your belief in Democratic values - the belief in equality, community, and shared prosperity.

Help Democratic Heroes breathe new life into America's cities, transforming each street, each occasion into a resplendent, joy-infused wonder. Your financial contribution holds the key to propelling us further into our quest to revitalize our streets and permeate every city event with an overwhelming wave of positivity. As you lend us your support, know this: you are not merely donating, you are investing. You are planting seeds of hope and promise in the fertile soil of our cities' potential, cultivating a future as bright as the sun for every citizen. We urge you, let not a moment more pass. Donate now. Lend your might to the Democratic Heroes this very second and feel your impact reverberate across the nation.

We're at a pivotal point, and your swift feedback is our guiding Northern Star. Your ideas, your insights—they're our ticket to success. Your thoughts and opinions are the magic that can make our vision reality. Express your views: What's your perspective?

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With your support, Democratic Heroes will make a significant impact, ensuring that our cities flourish and our citizens prosper.

Let's work together to create a better America and build a more enjoyable, engaging political environment. Thank you for your incredible generosity and commitment to our Democratic values.

Join Democratic Heroes in transforming America's cities into gleaming, joyful environments, one street and event at a time. Your donation will empower us to expand our reach, beautify streets, and infuse positivity into events across the city. By supporting us, you invest in the future of our cities and create a brighter tomorrow for all. Let's work together to create a better America and build a more enjoyable, engaging political environment. Thank you for your generosity and support. Click here to donate immediately and empower Democratic Heroes.

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